Friday, 2 August 2013

Rituals shower foam

Okay so my cult shower product has to be these gorgeous rituals shower foams !  (£7 200ml) yeah I know your all thinking £7 is expensive for a shower foam but you will not regret it I can assure you, they last ages as you only need a small amount !!
I actually will confess I own them all haha, there isn't a scent I don't like ! (I even use the men's one, it has a stunning bamboo and cedar wood smell) 
When you use these foams they take you through the journey of the ritual they belong too and really open up your senses ! (They have energising, relaxing and refreshing ones)  I like the "hammam secret" one the best (not pictured) its got rosemary and eucalyptus in it and it really wakes me up in the morning ! 
You get about 50 uses out of one can which is fab really for a shower gel ! 
It's basically a gel texture that lathers into a stunning foam ! It's like heaven when you use them.

I can't recommend them enough ! Bite the bullet guys and get one, you won't regret it ! 

Have you tried any before ? Which is your favourite ? 

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