Thursday, 8 August 2013

Maybelline baby lips

Okay so I wasn't going to buy these because I have heard some negative reviews, but they are only £2.99 each and 3 for 2 at SuperDrug so I thought I'd give them a bash. (I bought the new fit stick too but il review that another day ) 

There are 6 in total and I ended up buying the mint fresh one and the pink punch one. The packaging is so cute and girly, I do love them !

So, the mint one goes on clear and just refreshes your lips, I actually found it quite soothing and it didn't dry out my lips which some lipbalms do. I will keep using it, is lovely.

The next one I bought was the pink punch one, which smells gorgeous, really fruity ! Goes on a nice sheer pink colour. This again didn't dry my lips out and the felt moisturised for ages. 

I'm not sure if I would buy the others, but I really like these two.  There are other lipbalms out there that are better, but I love how cute and girly they are !

Which ones have you tried ? What did you think ? 

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