Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mally 6 piece easy on the eyes collection

So I am a HUGE fan of Mally make up !! I love when she comes to the UK and I always try and catch her when she is on QVC ! So on Tuesday was her TSV, which obviously I bought, and it arrived today yay !!

This is how it arrived, in like a book style case. I adore her packaging, it is so cute and quirky ! 

So hear is what you get in the case.. 

A gorgeous (or gorgois as mally would say) eyeshadow pallete, complete with primer too ! You can either chose from nude or colour ! I went for the nude as you can see :-) I love the snake print green case too, so cute ! There are 11 shadows which can be use wet or dry and a mixture of shimmer and matte :)

Next is a set of 3 lovely eyeliners ! The staying power is ace ! I've used these eyeliners for years ! 

You get a cute sharpener too ! 

You also get a under eye brightener. Which is a yellow toned oil free hydrating brightener.. You would still use your normal concealer and pop some of this on top just to refresh :) and you get one of her iconic volumizing mascara's too ! I swear by this mascara ! The effect is amazing and it doesn't smudge at all ! Bonus ! It definitely is my Holy Grail product !! 

My favourite thing about this eye kit is the  cute 60 page booklet you get of all of mally's tips and tricks for creating the perfect eye ! 

I'm so happy I purchased this and I can't recommend Mally make up enough ! When i went to new york i went to her only counter there, was amazing !! She has a full range on QVC uk.. 

This TSV was £39 plus p+p but cause that has ended it is now £47.50 which is still amazing as the eyeshadow palette is £40 on its own ! 

If you wanna check it out click here !! :)

Have you tried any Mally make-up before ? what products do you love ?

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