Monday, 5 August 2013

My favourite beauty books

Today's post comes from a few books where I get my passion for cosmetics from ! 

Lauren Conrad beauty 
Liz Earle skin secrets
Bobbi brown pretty powerful
Bobbi brown make up manual

Okay so they are all different in their own rights but so similar too ! I love reading cosmetics books, I could study them for hours ! 

My favourite is the Bobbi brown beauty manual, which I purchased on the day it came out (2009 I believe) and its still my favourite today ! It goes through what order to put products , why the work, what they do, what brushes to use ! What you should own ! It answers all beauty questions you should have! Every beauty junkie should own this book !!

The other Bobbi brown book is pretty powerful which I love cause it shows beauty stories to inspire confidence :) such a lovely book to read and to discover their top beauty secrets ! It's a pleasure to read really !

Liz Earle skin secrets is a must !! She is an absolute legend when it comes to natural skincare and it's nice to read about the plants and what they role they play in our everyday life. I love reading about her passion for skincare, it's remarkable really. 

Lauren Conrad beauty book is amazing really. She is a beauty and fashion icon in popular culture and it's nice to read a book from such a woman who is trendy. She tells us about how to wear certain products, current hair trends and nail trends ! A perfect read for all make up lovers ! 

All books were purchased from amazon uk

What are your favourite beauty books ? 

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