Thursday, 8 August 2013

MAC prep + prime BB compact SPF 30

Hey guys, today's post is about the MAC bb cream compact. I was really excited about this because I'm a sucker for BB creams. However you can't always assume they will always be 'blemish balms' , this one for instance is 'beauty balm' , I like blemish balms for my oily blemish prone skin, so I was quite unsure about this. 

It comes with a sponge and you apply the creamy formula with it ! 
This product did nothing for me, actually it made me oilier (if that was possible) the cream was far too sheer and didn't actually cover anything on my skin. It was horrible.

As far as colours go I always go for the lightest. I went for 'extra light' and it was far too orange for me ! I looked awful !  So I wouldn't recommend it for light skin tones. 

Here it is swatched.

As you can see it is really light coverage and slightly orange ! 

The only positive I have from it is that it had an spf30. Definitely think il stick to my Estée Lauder BB cream :)

Have any of you tried this ? What did you think ? Would love to know ! 

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