Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Farmaline Treats

Okay so i was sent some goodies the other day from a company called Farmaline , It is an online pharmacy which has been shipping to the UK for a number of years.  You can get everything on there !! From toothpaste to Ibuprofen, and even Bioderma and Vichy products.  Each product has a discount of up to 30% which is fab.  There are more than 22000 products and 350 brands online to choose from, and i was quite thrilled when i was sent some things.

The first product i tried was a gorgeous multi purpose dry oil called Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Oil (*) - check it out here

So i have been using the oil for a couple of days now and i really like it.  I am a sucker for dry oils and love the fact you can put them wherever you feel ! I also like the body shop oils too.  I put this on my face before bed and it made me skin really soft in the morning, i also put it on my dry ends of my hair and my cuticles.  The smell is gorgeous and i like the fact that it is 30% plant oils too.

The next product i was sent was a body lotion (Which is in a massive tube) called Laino Karite Body Milk (*), you can check it out here

The body milk is lovely actually.  I am not a big fan of applying lotion and i prefer the new vaseline mist for the convenience, but i have to say its great for my dry patches such as my elbows.  I think that this will be my body lotion i use before i tan, as i know it will nourish my knees,elbows etc.  I used it for the first time the other day and i love the fact it has shea butter in it, so i know my skin was getting all the nourishment it needs.

Overall i was happy with these products, they are not brands i have heard of before and i probably wouldnt re purchase though as i think this body lotion will last me ages, and i do prefer my liz earle hair oil, but i like this oil for my face.

Have you purchased anything from Farmaline before ? 

Mel xx

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