Friday, 6 September 2013

Battle of the hand creams

I love nail varnish and pretty nails etc but what's the point in doing all that if you don't have the base to start ! Why would you do amazing designs if your nails are dry and cuticles are messed up ! 

This post focus' on my 2 favourite hand creams ! 

Rituals extra rich and repairing hand balm and Clarins hand and nail treatment.

Okay, so the rituals hand balm is my go to hand cream, I have about 3 in my house and I always carry one in my bag ! With the run up to winter, this is when our hands become at their driest so I'm a firm believer of using a hand balm every day and this one is perfect. At only £10 too I recommend it to everyone ! 

It has ginseng and ginkgo biloba in it which are natural ingredients to help to repair the hands, strengthen and stimulate the blood flow ! I love this because i know it's repairing my hands as well as moisturising them. The texture is a thick balm but non greasy which i love ! They do a gorgeous hand scrub for the same price called hand therapy which I use as well. It's amazing !!!! Those 2 products are my saviours during winter months !! 

The next hand cream is my luxury treat ! At £20 it is steep for a hand cream but its worth every penny ! I rub this into my cuticles every night and the smell is just divine ! I have a tube of this on my bedside table so I can just use it whenever. The texture is similar to the rituals one, quite a rich balm. I prefer that to a light lotion anyway. This cream protects hands too from hard water etc and minimises age spots which is great if you have any! I don't, so I can't comment ! 

The rituals on is 75ml and the clarins 100ml. I prefer the rituals one for the convenience and I love the bright green tube, it's great for people on a budget too ! The clarins one will be one of those presents I don't buy myself and will always be on my Xmas list ! 

You can see the textures are quite similar ! ( the rituals one is the white balm and clarins is the beige coloured one) 

Have you tried any of these hand creams ? I'd love to know ! 

Mel xx 

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