Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Origins GinZing Energy boosting moisturiser

I have needed a new moisturiser for a while now, just not happy with my current one. When choosing a face cream I always go for one that is oil free as my skin is super oily anyway ! 

So I've seen some AMAZING reviews on this cream which is excellent value at £23 for 50ml size ! 

What attracted me to it was the bright orange packaging and it does not disappoint when you open it either as the  smell is just as citrus as the packaging ! 

The texture is a gel based cream (which I love) , oil free, and you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way ! 

The cream itself is full of skin boosters to make you more radiant such as panax ginseng and coffee bean ! It basically gives dull skin that radiance it needs.

I really love this face cream, after one application I can already tell a difference which is great. Its perfect use morning and evening as there is no SPF included.  I would definitely recommend it to those who need a bit of spark in their skin.

What are you favourite origins products ? 

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