Friday, 26 July 2013

Clinique anti blemish oil control cleansing mask

Okay, so one of my main concerns with my skin is how blemish prone it is ! I have acne scars and active blemish's (a girls nightmare).  I adore Clinique's anti-blemish range as its one of the only things that i can actually use on my sensitive skin !  The oil control cleansing mask is amazing and is a firm favourite in my weekly mask routine.

So, the mask itself is a soothing clay based mask (which i love) and it draws out any impurities from the skin, mattifies my shine, unclogs my pores and generally balances out the oil.  I use it twice a week and i find it really does calm my blemishes down and the redness that is brought with them.  I leave it on for 5 minutes (or until it dries) then buff it off with a small facial sponge.  My skin feels brand new after use !

Its a great size at 100ml and really lasts me such a long time.  I cant rate it enough, its brilliant !

Have any of you tried it ? What are your other favourite oily skin masks ?

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